Who Are We?
MyClub365 ITA Community founded by former airline officials & travel trade professionals, is a voluntary collaboration between private , public & corporate stakeholders, of travel, tourism, hospitality and events industry members who share the belief that:
1. Travel is a fundamental right.
2. The need for travel never changes.
3. Only the purpose, the time, duration, the where from and where to of travel changes.
4. We all need & can travel when & where we want with the right planning and preparation provided the tools are available and accessible,
5. Travel is the new architecture for global cooperation between countries, peoples, and businesses for their mutual .benefit
6. Individual, Corporate, and national wellbeing is boosted by the frequency of travel.
7. All stakeholders benefit from the win-win 8 Step MyClub365ITA Travel Continuity framework.

MyClub365ITA helps members to embrace their life passions and quench their wanderlust throughout the year.

As Travel Concierges members curate exceptional travel experiences for each other to emulate & restore work-life balance by making every journey unforgettable.

MyClub365ITA, leverages technology and partnerships with other trade partners to make travel experiences seamless for its members.

Experience complete freedom in booking your trips, anytime, anywhere, with support available round the clock from your MyClub365ITA handheld Smartphone.

Make MyClub365ITA your trusted partner in your year-round lifestyle wellness journeys !