Benefits addressing diversified traveler needs

 All-In-ONE ID

All-In-ONE ID is a comprehensive service that provides a blockchain based unified identification solution for individuals and businesses conforming with KYC requirements. It allows users to create, manage, and store all their important identification documents in one secure and convenient place. With an All-In-ONE Blockchain based ID, you can easily access and present your ID cards, passports, driver's licenses, and other important identification documents whenever and wherever you need them. Say goodbye to the hassle of carrying multiple physical IDs and enjoy the convenience of a single digital identity with All-In-ONE ID.


MC365-ITA goes above and beyond in its commitment to members, providing detailed reports on their Annual Travel Plan. These reports offer valuable insights into monthly travel, accommodation, and other trip expenses. The custom-tailored overview ensures effective monthly, quarterly, and annual budgeting, making it an invaluable resource for Business Employee Wellness programs and Sports Associations. This tool is particularly crucial for planning and managing the travel and expenses budget for players and fan members, especially in anticipation of upcoming international sports events in both the near and distant future.


The cloud-based MC365-ITA, designed for optimal accessibility, is conveniently available for download as an App from the Google Play Store or Apple IOS store. This ensures that members can enjoy complete autonomy, accessing the application from anywhere at any time, as long as there is an available power source and internet connectivity. Members can effortlessly install the App, granting them the flexibility to remotely manage their accounts and stay connected regardless of their location.

 #MC365-ITAAppSocial MediaIntegration

Elevate your MC365-ITA experience with our innovative app feature that allows members to seamlessly connect their MC365-ITACity's social media pages to their accounts. This powerful tool enables members to effortlessly upload images, videos, curate and share content updates from any location, to their social pages, whether they're relishing StayCations, participating in Sports and Cultural Events, or engaging in business trips. For professional journeys, members can adhere to company guidelines by directly linking their updates to the company's social pages, ensuring a smooth and compliant approach to social media engagement.

 #MC365-ITACorporateSocialResponsibility (CSR)

In line with Zig Ziglar’s timeless wisdom: "You can have everything you want in life if you help enough people get what they desire," MC365 -ITA acknowledges and celebrates the profound influence of travel, tourism, hotel, and other related service providers, as catalysts for change. These providers are not only responsible for creating jobs but also play an important role in fostering positive feelings about the people of destination, nature and different cultures. MC365-ITA raises this commitment by offering its MC365-ITAs the unique opportunity to participate actively in Corporate Social Responsibility projects (CSR). The Global Africa Travel Exchange (GATE), Ubuntu Expo (GUT), and other events, which are held in many cities around the world to promote travel to Africa rather than AID, is a noteworthy initiative. Travel creates employment-Aid leads to dependency. This event is unique in that it promotes travel to Africa to develop the continent through tourism. It shifts the paradigm away from traditional development assistance to travel, tourism and hospitality infrastructure development. Members are encouraged to support these initiatives that align with their core people, nature and culture promotion values. It is not only a rewarding gesture, but also empowers the members to champion initiatives that align with their core values and foster positive change globally.

#ATPTravelRewardTrips, #MC365-ITAReferralCommissions & More

MC365 ITA ATP #TravelRewardsTrips are based on the members earning YRF-SHBs as Cashbacks for investing in an ATP, promoting travel as a lifestyle choice. In addition to ATP Travel Reward Trips cashbacks, members earn MC365 ITA Referral Commissions and MC365 ITA Partner Loyalty Reward: #ATPTravelRewardTrips Members earn the equivalent of 20% of Annual Travel Plan investment credited monthly to the member's #TravelRewardWallet or #TravelRewardCard as cashback to cover the Travel & Accomodation expenses for their #ATP #TravelRewardTrips / #TRTs. The annual TRTs are calculated by multiplying the yearly ATP Investment by 20% e.g. ATP-I yearly fees = EUR2,500 x 20 % = EUR750 x 12, which is EUR9,000 cashback ROI TRTs to member #TravelRewardCard over the year. #MC365-ITAReferralCommissions Members receive 30% commission for each subscriber referred to MC365-ITA that upgrades to a paid ATP during the launch year. A six-month cookie is used to assign the visitor to a member's referral link. It is calculated as follows: Yearly ATP Fee x 30% Commission, e.g. ATP-I yearly fee = EUR2,500 x 30 % = EUR750 MC365 ITA Commission credited to member Travel Reward Card to deray travel expenses during the ATP Travel Reward Trips. Members only need to recommend two paid ATP upgrades per month to secure stable travel expenses budget. All subscribers start on MC365-ITA Silver level. After referring 10 subscribers, a member is automatically upgraded to the next MC365-ITA ATP membership level, i,e. MC365-ITA ATP Sliver Plus level, enabling them to earn higher #MC365ITAReferralCommissions from guiding their signed-up members to promote in turn their 10 signups to earn their upgrade to that higher ATP level. #MC365TravelRewardCard Members can earn additional commissions by promoting MC365-ITA Marketplace Partner travel offers. These include #WGAs. #LWEs, #TETs, #DJEs, #EAJs, #EventPromotions, and #LoyaltyProgrammes. The referral commission is determined by each partner. The #TravelRewardCard (TRC), which is a member's Travel Reward Card, reflects the commissions earned by members from sales conversions. You can also earn rewards by referring and sharing experiences with MC365-ITA partners in travel and accommodation.