The Win-Win MC365-ITA 8 Step Travel Continuity Framework rising the tide for all stakeholders

Step #1 Join & Pick from 3 Membership Levels

Join the MyClub365-ITA Community as Individual, Business, Family, VIP, Not4Profit etc member in the location, country and region where you live currently, that determines the departure point for your travels based on the means travel i.e. air, rail, road or naval of your preference.

Step #2 Choose from Six (6) Annual Travel Plans

All subscribers except for Business Members start on the Annual Travel Plan, e.g. ATP-I Silver Membership level earning 12 ATP MyClub365Travel Reward Trips p/y, and transition automatically to the next MyClub365 ATP-II Silver Plus level for 14 Travel Reward Trips p/y once they had referred 10 subscribers on the first level. Enterprise members subscribe for the ATP level of their choice based on the needs of the company and its beneficial members. Special conditions apply for Not4Profit organization memberships

Step #3 Compose ATP from Five STB Travel Types

Select the trips based on the travel purpose and duration of travel from the 5 types of travel categories in the ATP Marketplace, e.g. Weekend Getaways (WGAs), Long Weekend Escapes (LWGs), Thematic Event Travel (TETs), Discovery Travel Excursions (DTEs), and Epic Annual Journeys (EAJs) from your home destination.

Step #4 Balance the ATP with a Mix Home, Region and Global Trips

It is not a hard and fast requirement but we recommend a balanced :mix of domestic/national, regional, and international destinations you wish to visit or work or your professional activity requires you to visit each year

Step #5 Make each Trip Itinerary Unique to make it your own

Tailor the itinerary based on the purpose, the time, the duration, the where from and where to of each ATP Travel Reward Short Holiday/Business Break Trip based on its specific purpose.

Step #6 Do Not Forget to switch of and ENJOY

Enjoy your travel experience, whatever its purpose whether business or leisure or a combination of both. Remember all work, no fun makes you dull, and boring. You wellness requires you maintain a healthy work life balance.

Step #7 Share Your Trip Experiences

The counter-intuitive wisdom is that "Whatever we share grows" and benefits both the giver and the receiver. Share your travel experiences and mementos with other community members and the broader traveller public in the form of Reviews of the trade partner services and products on your social media platforms.

Step #8 Earn Travel Rewards to pay-it forward

Earn Year-Round Frequent Short Travel Break Rewards from MC365-ITA and travel trade, tourism, hospitality and Events partners for members sharing their experiences with friends and colleagues that results in sign-ups from their referral links.