MyClub365 ITA Priority Onboarding List
The  MyClub365 Independent Travel Agency, invites travel lovers and aficionados to join our Priority Onboarding List  We invite only 5 clients from each city for each intake. If You or your business require  frequent year-round short travel breaks, for business and leisure purposes, and work-life balance. this is the time to the waiting list .

Step into the future where you plan and program in advance 12, 14, or even 24 Frequent Year-Round Short Travel Breaks (FYR-STBs) for business & Leisure purposes throughout the year.  Companies and private individuals subscribe to  the a ATP membership. The MyClub365 ITA  annual membership fee covers their travel & accommodation expenses for a minimum FYR-SHBs per year to local, regional and global destinations of their choice.

This does not prevent members from realizing unplanned trips, on own expenses when circumstances require benefitting from special travel deals.

Embrace the future of travel together with MyClub365 ITA Community. No matter what drives you, fullfil your wanderlust and enjoy year-round escapes to rebalance your work-life harmony.

With your MyClub365 ITA, Independent Travel Agency, you are empowered to book your trips from anywhere at anytime in an instance for yourself and your beneficial members of your subscription.

For more information, please reach out to MyCluIb ITA. Your world of frequent year-round short travel breaks, whether within your home country, or region  or anywhere in the world far is just a click away!